Who Me?

When I was little, my favourite time at school was when we were allowed to make something from stuff in “The Useful Box”. I’ve been making things ever since, but it was only when my first son joined a Waldorf/Steiner preschool that I found my true craft-soul direction.

I am inspired by Mother Nature – the wee folk of the woodland and their little toadstool homes, the realm of faeries and the cheeky old gnomes who work the crystals underground.

I  work exclusively with Mother Nature’s materials – wool felt I dye myself, gumnuts and acorn caps I collect with my children, vintage cotton fabrics I stumble across in op shops.

Yes, I do love a bit of vintage. In fact, I have something of an op-shop obsession. I love the nostalgia of recalling a time when life was simpler, when children were allowed to be children – playing, imagining, creating. So that is what Elfin Trail is about – gifts for childhood and gifts that remind us of our own childhood.

And now 2013 sees me with a blog too…who knows where that will lead us?

Thanks so much for stopping by….I hope you’ll drop by again soon.

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