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Easter Nothingness

It’s been a mad couple of weeks organising an awesome surprise party for a close friend’s milestone birthday, so I’m loving the rare change to two days of nothing. We’ve been sleeping in, enjoying breakfast waffles in bed, venturing outside to hunt for treasures left by the Easter Hare before somehow ending up in bed again for soup, hot cross buns and a welcome afternoon nap. Monday has seen another deliciously lazy day of board games and leftovers.



A decade worth of painted eggs hang on the Easter tree.


Still some treats on the Easter centrepiece.

Still some treats on the Easter centrepiece.

Kids at the park with Dad and the dog, I’m relishing the peace of a sleepy autumn day. Even my lawn-obsessed neighbours have managed to leave their mowers and blowers in their sheds for a day….bliss.

Happy relaxing.


Easter Grass

A tradition for us, as Easter approaches, is to plant our Easter grass. The story we share is that Easter Hare has woken and soon will be on his way to hide the coloured eggs the Autumn faeries have decorated so beautifully. All around the world he hobbles, oh, how very tired and hungry he must be, how lovely for him to have somewhere to rest and nibble a little.

Wheatgrass seeds (the ones I use in my Faerie Garden Kits) are perfect. With careful watering they sprout within days and seem to almost grow before your eyes. Each morning my children exclaim “Look at the Easter grass!” as they enter the kitchen for breakfast and then again in the afternoon as they come home from school, “Look at the Easter grass!” Has it really grown while they’ve been away? I just love the tiny jewels of dew that sparkle on the tips of the grass each morning, a gentle reminder of Mother Nature’s beauty. Soon we will move the Easter grass to our table centrepiece where perhaps Easter Hare will rest, have a nibble and leave some coloured eggs.