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A Day at a Steiner School Fair

If you’ve ever been to a Steiner school fair you’ll know they are a brilliant family day out and last Sunday’s Kamaroi Fair was no exception. I tend to shy away from events where “kids activities” equates to a jumping castle, a snow cone machine, a dodgey face painter and a gawdy entertainer shouting instructions into his microphone. You don’t get any of that at a Steiner school fair, and that’s part of their charm. What you do find are nurturing environments with natural spaces, artisic signs, beautifully colourful handmade decorations and a joyful atmosphere. The food is generally homemade, delicious and nourishing. There’s usually plenty of Steiner handicrafts and complimentary stallholders (sometimes even Elfin Trail!).



The main attraction, however, is the wholesome, engaging children’s activities. Gracie spent forever panning for gold in a sandpit full of muddy water which rewarded her efforts with a variety of crystal chips. Her delight was equally in the Treasure Hunt, this time a dry sandpit which required digging for crystals. The older children tested themselves on the coconut shy, archery game and climbing a tall pole to secure a pretzel. Sweet craft activities this year invited you to make a fabric charm bracelet, decorate a beeswax candle or make a pompom flower. Highlights for me were a visit to the Gnome Cave where Gracie carefully chose a treasure from the gnomes and a simple storytelling, the kind that truly warms your heart.




I find each Steiner school fair has it’s own personality and charm so you can easily attend them all without feeling you’ve done it all before. This year we’ll make the pigrimage to Lorien Novalis Spring Fair on 31 August, Glenaeon Family Fair on 2 November and, of course, Central Coast Steiner School Spring Fair on 8 September 2013. All of them are amazing events, created by caring communities with lots of love. All of them are highlights in my children’s memories.