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Autumn fairies

A Table for Autumn

And so our Easter grass evolves into our Autumn Nature Table. Nature tables are a beautiful, simple way to celebrate the seasons, at the same time supporting our children’s development in a profound way. Children thrive on rhythm, it gives them a sense of security and wellbeing to know that what has been, shall be again. Creating and tending a small space in your home, gently drawing awareness to the change of seasons, also supports us as adults to live consciously with Mother Nature’s distinct soul moods instead of just being swept along with the passage of time.

After all the joyful work of creating a beautiful space for Advent and Christmas, I often slack off over the holidays and usually forget to create a nature table for Summer. As the hotter months draw to an end I usually find myself re-inspired to create some little homescape for my extended family of Autumn faeries. With a collection of nut shells, acorn caps, tiny buckets and baskets they’re busy gathering their own Autumn harvest of red, orange and yellow berries.


Our table will keep evolving as the season evolves. Although still so warm now, when it eventually cools enough for leaves to change colour and fall, Gracie will collect the finest specimens from our wanderings. No doubt our little geologist will find some amazing rocks that need to be displayed as well. Already this season’s table has served as a storytelling table, with a lovely rendition of a tale of some untidy gnomes living under the log and making a mess of the baskets of berries and nuts.

Is there a place for a littlle Autumness in your home?